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Aug 28 - Dec 14, 2017

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Textbook Buy-Back Policy


Although we will purchase books the entire year, it is to your advantage to wait and sell your books back during Finals Week of each semester. It is at this time of year our inventories are depleted and we are receiving faculty orders for the next term. However, if you are leaving campus early, bring your books in and we will see what we can do to help. Cash register receipts are not needed for buyback.

How Much Money Do You Get Back?

This depends on the book. On current edition college textbooks we pay accordingly:

    • During end of semester final exams, up to 50% of LIST PRICES will be paid for bound paper and hardback texts in good resalable condition, ONLY IF they are needed on campus the following semester.
    • MARKET VALUE will be paid for most textbooks in good resalable condition which are NOT needed at Sacramento City College the following semester, but current elsewhere (generally 15-25% of suggested list price).


What Happens To The Books You Sell?

  • Books the faculty request will be resold to students.
  • Books that are purchased at MARKET VALUE are shipped to a nationwide wholesale company who sells them to other colleges who may be in need of them.