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Textbook Rental Program

Term: SPRING 2018

Rental Return Date This Term: MAY 18, 2018
(Returns will not be accepted past May 22, 2018)
No Exceptions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the advantage of renting a book?
A: The rental program allows Sac City College students the opportunity to save money on books by allowing the student to rent a book instead of purchasing it. You would pay an up-front rental fee to use the book for the semester and return it in good, reusable condition on or before the return date.
Q: How do I know which books are available for rental?
A: Rental books will appear with new, used, and rental prices, If the book you selected doesn’t have a rental price it is not available
for rent.
Q: What is the cost of an internet rental book?
A: You will pay 65% of the retail cost of the book plus tax and $10.00 shipping and handling charge.
Q: What do I need to rent a textbook?
A: You must be at least 18 years old, enrolled in the current semester at Sacramento City College, have a valid credit card, driver’s license or California ID, and a Sacramento City College student ID.
Q: What if I drop the class I rented the book for?
A: The rental refund policy is the same as the in store purchase refund policy. For SPRING semester 2018 you must refund by JANUARY 19 or by JANUARY 26, 2018  with proof of drop or change of class. All other classes are 5 days from start of class with proof of enrollment.
Q: What if I decide to keep the rental book?
A: You have until JANUARY 26, 2018 to decide if you want to convert your rental agreement to a regular book purchase. If you decide to purchase we will refund your rental fee and charge you the retail cost of the book.
Q: When do I have to return my rental book?
A: For this SPRING semester you should return your book(s) right after your final test and not later than MAY 18, 2018 to avoid additional fee and penalties. See rental agreement.